Blackberry Bold 9900 White


Blackberry Bold 9900 White is all set to lure your heart with more captivating design and features like 5 MP camera, 2.8 inches touchscreen, BlackBerry 7 operating system, 1.2 GHz processor and support to NFC technology.

Canada based company RIM is redefining the standards of mobile phones with its innovative approach. After the Black Version, its Blackberry Bold 9900 White Deals is hitting the store shelves leaving one and all mesmerized with alluring look.

Samsung R910 Galaxy


The Samsung R190 galaxy indulge is another fantastic mobile that comes with great features which are fun and excitement. It is a great performer and raises your expectations with mobile of this segment when you operate this mobile. The Samsung mobile is the first 4G LTE that runs on Android 2.2 and is a Smartphone that is built with great design and is a slider phone. It comes with a 3.5 inch of screen that is TFT capacitive touch screen and displays 16 M colors. The dimension is 132 x 61 x 15 mm and is a light weight phone. It comes with full QWERTY keypad for those who like to use the keypad for texting and other use.

New Nokia C2


If you like slider phone then check out the new mobile handset launched by Nokia, called the Nokia C2-03. The Nokia C2-03 is a dual SIM (Hot Swappable) phone with good features at an affordable price running on the Symbian S40 Operating System.If you like slider phone then check out the new mobile handset launched by Nokia, called the Nokia C2-03. The Nokia C2-03 is a dual SIM (Hot Swappable) phone with good features at an affordable price running on the Symbian S40 Operating System.

Mobile users in India seem to like the touch and type feature and since the Nokia X3-02 and X3-01 mobile phones did exceptionally well most new phones that are launched by Nokia continue offering this feature. The Nokia C2-03 is a touch and type phone you can input data using the resistive touch screen and / or with the alphanumeric keypad. . A good news for dual sim users. .If you like slider phone then check out the new mobile handset launched by Nokia, called the Nokia C2-03. The Nokia C2-03 is a dual SIM (Hot Swappable) phone with good features at an affordable price running on the Symbian S40 Operating System.

Nokia C2-03 Dual SIM slider phone features 1.There is not so many pros of nokia c2 03 phone. But its cons are many. The best advantage of Nokia C2-03 dual sim phone is, its price is cheap. .

2.The Nokia C2-03 dual sim phone sports a 2.6 inch TFT resistive touch screen. The maximum resolution supported is 240 by 320 pixels (QVGA) with 65K colours. .

3.Still camera is good. still camera can able to deliver you a good quality photo. we can use 2 mega pixel camera as for our daily life needs. Nokia C2-03 dual sim phone camera do better. .

4. Nokia C2-03 dual sim phone handset comes with 10 Mb of internal memory and supports 32 GB of microSD / SDHC cards.

5.The Nokia C2-03 dual sim phone comes with 1020 mAh Li-Ion BL-5C battery which gives a decent talk time of 5 hours maximum and standby time of max 400 hours.

6.Nokia Maps comes preloaded but is available in selected countries. You will need to check if the Nokia C2-03 box pack does say so. Nokia C2-03 dual sim phone does not come with a built in GPS but the Maps work using network based location information.

BlackBerry Curve 9360


Integrated location hardware in the BlackBerry Curve 9360 offers you the ability to know where you are all the time and get local points of interest and directions. It is also now useful for sharing your location with others through social networks and other Web services.

As with most smartphones now available, this handset delivers both an internal GPS and Assisted GPS antenna to your pocket and works along with software such as the included (preinstalled) BlackBerry Maps application, along with other maps applications available to bring you location-based services. Maps applications allow you to instantly see where you are, and quickly get to see local shops, restaurants or other points of interest, as well as offering you fast directions to get to any of them, or another destination entirely. If you are constantly on the move, and out and about in new and different places, these features can prove invaluable, and they are all within your mobile phone. Simply use the optical trackpad and full 35 key keyboard on this handset and view where you are, or get directions to view on the 2.44 inch display. The lGPS and A-GPS hardware will do the work while speed is maintained by both the 800 megahertz processor and the 512 megabytes of random access memory offered by the Curve 9360 respectively.

Along with these obvious mentioned services, location services also now include search engines such as Google automatically finding where you are searching from so that it can better provide you with search results wherever you go. You can also use new social networking features such as Facebook Places to check in and let friends on the network know where you are, thereby sharing your location with them instantly. Some companies, such as coffee chains have seen this as an invaluable way to get your custom, and offer discounts for check ins. It doesn't end there either, as location-based functionality can also include your multimedia, through Geotagging. This impressive capability, and feature of this handset's 5 megapixel camera, as with others such as the BlackBerry Curve 9380, enables your phone to store or tag the place where a photo or video was captured alongside the media. This then makes it easier for you to sort it into albums or the way you view it on the handset itself.

Location services are a great way of being able to communicate and always know where you are, and how to get to the next place. They are just one of many sets of features offered by the sleek design and lightweight offered by the BlackBerry Curve 9360.

Blackberry Torch 9860 Price


The Blackberry Mobile phones have just hit the market. This time also the Blackberry's new product the Blackberry Torch 9860, is been released in full boom in the market. The phone comes with the standard 3.7 inches capacitive touch display screen along with an optical track pad making it easier to navigate along the photo gallery and videos.

The new Blackberry smart phone looks stylish with the high quality metal cover on back, and a glossy silver metallic cover in front. The phone has 1.2 GHz processor, a Ram of 768MB. It has an internal memory capacity of about 2.5 GB which can be expanded with the help of the microSD card.

For connectivity purpose the phone provides support of Wi-Fi, 3G, and Bluetooth. The new Blackberry mobile smart phone does not have that much functionality as like other Android based smart phones in the market, but then also the phone does not show any sign of slowdown. Like the previous Blackberry product the new phone also has an adjustable menu, which can be customized according to your wish. The torch comes along with a 5MP camera with autofocus capability, which can take very good photos in daylight as well as at night.

The new Blackberry torch runs on the very famous Blackberry Operating System, with 1.2 GHz CPU and QC 8655 sensors. It also contains Accelerometer, Compass etc. For messaging the torch also provides the features of SMS, MMS, IM, and Push Email. The phone comes with the BBM Brower of version 6, with HTML enabled, so that we can clearly view the websites with full screen as we see on our desktops. The torch also comes along with GPS availability which is very important in order to trace the exact location of the phone. The smart phone supports audio files such as WAV, MP3, eAAC+, WMA etc; and video files like Xvid, H.263, MP4, DivX and H.264.

Similar to other Blackberry models, the Blackberry Torch 9860 will also become everyone's favorite. Along with the other models, this also comprises of all the features in such an affordable price. According to the recent survey it was found that the Blackberry Torch 9860 price in the Indian market was accounted to be around Rs. 25,341/- which is corresponding to 540 US dollars. With such wide variety of features available with the new Blackberry Smart phone, it will definitely make the life of the people easy.

Android Tablet


The question on everyone's mind is if the Android tablet will surpass the Apple iPhone? Many experts and lay people feel that the Android tablet is already taking Apple by surprise. The Android tablet is a highly innovative and cutting edge device that is sweeping people off of their feet. Here are some quotes that seem to back up the idea of Android zooming past the Apple iPhone:

is definitely is a hit out on the market and it is getting a lot of attention.
A strong comparison between Android and Apple will take place.
Android will continue to move in on Apple's shadow
Apple has dependability that cannot be matched.
Android is more diversified.

Also, even though it seems as though these two phones are so similar that they are almost alike, if you look a little closer look you can see some definite differences. Apple is the maker of the iPhone so it just stands to reason that they have a few advantages here, but also Android is powered by Google's hardware as one of their options. But if you are looking for a simpler phone Apple would be your best bet.

Apple also offers way more apps than the Android. Even though Apple tends to bit too strict when it comes to what apps they will allow on their iPhone. Google however is a bit easier going when it comes to what apps Android can have. Many critics have said that they feel there is far too much attention put on the fact that Android is so accepting of applications.

Another aspect about Apple that makes it such a great option is the fact that they have become gaming leaders. Some people have predicted that Apple may even surpass companies like Nintendo and Sony in the future. They have become a superior platform for tens of thousands of cool games.

Both of these cool phones of course have internet capabilities and are both equipped with built-in GPS. Android has an advantage here in that it offers turn by turn spoken navigation. The iPhone doesn't run a Flash program, although android boasts of the fact that it does. Even though in some respects this is a major plus some people have said the Flash program doesn't run very well on Android's tablet as it should.

New Samsung Google Nexus S


The Samsung mobile is now a rage in the country with more and more people preferring the Google Nexus s to the other brands in this segment. This is a pocket friendly Smartphone that has got great design and comes with smart features to attract all age groups. The phone is great to hold and gives optimum comfort while you work on it. The built is great and comes with high grade plastic material and the screen is glossy that adds to the elegance of the phone and has silver sides with textured finish at the rear.

There are various features in the Samsung Google nexus S like the 3.5 inch display screen that has a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels and has a TFT capacitive touchscreen. The Google Nexus is built with the accelerometer sensor, proximity sensor etc. It is a slate design that comes in a very attractive black color. It displays 16 million colors. The dimensions are 11.5 x 59.9 x 112.4 and the weight is 113 grams. This is light weight Galaxy mobile that can be kept in the pocket. The operating system of the mobile is Android 2.2 froyo and the processor is ARM 11, while the speed is 800 MHz. the mobile is equipped with word, excel, powerpoint and the document viewer. The mobile price is apt and is affordable.

The Google Nexus S is equipped with a standard Lithium ion battery that has a capacity of 1350 Mah and gives a talk time of 660 minutes on 2G and 390 minutes on 3G. The standby time provided is 640 hours on 2G and 420 hours on 3G. The memory too is excellent and comes with an inbuilt memory of 158 MB and can be expanded with the micro SD up to 32 GB. The mobile runs on 2G and 3G networks and connectivity options like GPRS, EDGE, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/h, Bluetooth v2.1 A2DP.

The other features in the Samsung mobile are the camera, connectivity options, music, and many more. The camera is a 5 MP and comes with a resolution of 2592 x 1944 pixels and has features like the LED backlight, geo tagging, smile detection, face detection and various other features. The Samsung Galaxy supports music formats like the MP3, WAV, eAAC+ and video formats like the MP4, H.264, and H.263 formats. The mobile provides access to Maps, calendar, Picasa integration, Gmail, YouTube, Google talk, and Google search.

Planning is Paramount When Considering iPhone Apps For Marketing


It seems that everyone loves iPhone with applications that are available for download. In fact, iPhone has become one of the major players in the market of cellular phones in particular because of his statements, the statements that you can buy or download for free. These statements can be any statement that operates on the Yahoo! E-mail application on your phone can help you implement your own

Rolando For iPhone Review


Rolando is an unusual combination of platforming and puzzle solving, and is trying to lead Roland and royalty, prince, king and security very gluttonous.Rolando has been described as the physics of the game and sounds as if you should use a large number of gray cells to win the game. This misconception has scared a lot of players. However, this game is no different from a traditional platforming

Buy IPhone Online - How Much Will IPhone Cost Per Month?


Speculation about whether the iPhone will really cost to consumers has encouraged around the blogosphere for several months. As soon as Apple announced that iPhone will be presented in an exclusive contract for Cingular Wireless (now a unit of AT & T), people fear that the lack of competition could take customers to the cleaners.In the iPhone already costing $ 399 for the 8GB phone, all that was

Buy Used Or New iPhones and iPhone Accessories at Discount Prices


B iPhones boards used in the purchase of an iPhone.If you ever wondered where you can buy a used iPhone at a great price, we have the answers. We also have many tips to help you get advantage when buying a used iPhone.There are several questions you should answer before buying a used iPhone. The first is how much should I pay for a used iPhone? There is no better reference for how much you should

Google introduces Orkut Mobile Application


Google today introduced the first downloadable orkut mobile app, available for most Java-enabled devices, with more features to keep you connected to your orkut friends and phone contacts. The features include: * Take a photo on your phone and upload into your orkut album. * Share photos with orkut friends or SMS the photos to phone contacts not yet on orkut. * Call or SMS any of your orkut

Sustainable innovation from Sony Ericsson


Just like we were promised, Sony Ericsson has brought to the market two new cell phones, both based on an eco-friendly technology that first appeared within the GreenHeart concept. They are called Sony Ericsson C901 GreenHeart and Sony Ericsson Naite, being the living proof of their “ongoing commitment to taking a lead on environmental sustainability”. The great thing is that the purpose has been

Ultra Long Battery Life Mobile from Philips


Maybe the Philips cell phones are not appreciated just like they would deserve to be, due to the fact that the consumers don’t have the chance to know very much about these devices. In the Western hemisphere, for example, the cell phone users are not very familiar with the Philips phones, but what you should know is that they come with a very important feature: the long lasting battery life. And,

Mobile Treasure Hunt Application Unveiled


This new app is a new marketing channel and great attraction for consumers who love freebies. Sounds familiar? It does sound like a business-model type scenario but it is really like making both ends meet. The new app is the, a “mobile treasure hunt” that offers exciting benefits to both advertisers and consumers.DreamWalk enables advertisers to place real prizes, samples and

Apple to Launch iPhone Video on Monday?


This is an interesting rumor shaping up here! It looks like Apple is going to launch the new iPhone Video on Monday right after the WWDC official announcement. That’s a bit surprising compared to last year’s course of events. The iPhone 3G was announced at the WWDC but the actual launch occurred about a month later. Is Apple afraid of the Pre now? Will the Cupertino-based company have enough new

GradePad App For Teachers Released


For educators and trainers, there is a new iPhone app suited for your needs. One thing about teachers is that they have to make the necessary grading and evaluation among their students and while this is normally done manually or via PC support, you can now do so with the GradePad App from Portage Interactive.The GradePad 1.0 is an iPhone/iPod touch performance assessment tool for teachers and

Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata Says He Wouldn't Use a Mac or iPhone if Apple Was a Competitor


In the same interview he said the Wii could live for eight more years (not likely), Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata remarked that if Apple and Nintendo “were in direct competition, I would not use a Mac in my presentations.” So what kind of computer would he use?When Dean Takahashi asked about the potential threat of free games, Iwata responded, “Because of this?” as he pulled out his iPhone.Talking

New iPhone Patent For Transmitting Data.


A patent application entitled “Methods and systems for mixing media with communications”, was filed in November 2007 and describes methods for sharing digital media files such as music, videos, and images as part of an audio, video, or data communications connection without terminating the original connection. The present invention permits a user to initiate a communications operation with a

Satellite Radio on Your iPhone!


When you want to listen to radio on your iPhone you probably turn to Pandora or maybe Slacker. But you have a limited amount of skips or a small selection of stations to choose from. So eventually you have to revert back to listening to your iTunes Library. Well, maybe you will have a different possibility in a few weeks. It has been stated that Sirius and XM Radio have created an iPhone

Apple to introduce $99 or $149 iPhone on Monday, analysts say


Apple plans to provide a cheaper version of its popular iPhone on Monday, may help the company increase its market share in smartphones, according to a Financial Times report.Analysts said in the article that Apple wants to show a $ 149 phone and $ 99 on your phone in the world developer conference. Currently, the lower price of the device is $ 199, subsidized in exchange for AT & T contract.The

New Apple iPhone to be Unveiled at WWDC?


Will Apple show off its next iPhone on June 8? This is the billion dollar question that everyone is asking. In fact, it will be the first day of Apple's 2009 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), where experts expect Apple to unveil its new iPhone and show off the final version of its iPhone 3.0 software.What would be more important is that Apple CEO Steve Jobs may be present -- or at least

E3: IPhone Games Worth a Gander


E3 has ended, and for Mac, Windows, console, and the name iPhone, I now want to sacrifice my social life to play 12 games out from the iPhone, and IPod touch the victim.Some of the developers of the tent, the other recent and forthcoming, or almost completely unknown hand. In any case, the game caught my eye, and so, without further ado, and in particular, there is no order, iPhone 12 best games

UPDATE 3-Fans gather for launch of iPhone killer Palm Pre


* Pre-Sprint hopes will win back market share* A small nation, New York, Chicago and San Francisco (Add a comment on the sales of phones, para 8)By Sinead Carew and Jessica WohlNew York / Chicago, June 6 (Reuters) - The small crowd gathered on Saturday at the official pre-launch, smartphone Palm Inc regarded as the best chance to claw back market share from Apple Inc in the iPhone and Research In

SlingPlayer Mobile for IPhone


Users of Sling Media Slingbox place shifts the family of products that allow you to view your home TV signal from remote locations, have been watching TV for Mac, PC and mobile phones for several years. Now, with the release of SlingPlayer Mobile for the App Store, then on the iPhone and IPod touch the place.GPP in the $ 30 price tag might seem shocking in comparison with the rest of the square

mocoNews - iPhone Helps Japans Softbank Record Biggest Amount Of Net Adds In May


It seems that even the Japanese with their much more feature packed phones can not resist the iPhone. According to TeleGeography, in the iPhone has helped Japan's third largest carrier Softbank get a net addition of all the Japanese networks during the month of May. Japanese industrial groups Telecommunications Carriers Association (TCA) to the new data that showed on Friday Softbank Mobile

Palm Pre Draws Crowds, but Less Hubbub Than iPhone


Lines for the new pre-Palm was much shorter than that snaked around Apple stores in his first extremely popular iPhone two years ago, but many consumers felt that they were ready for a new product.Skip to next paragraphSimilarTopics: Palm Inc.In the pre-Palm smartphone is considered the best chance to claw back market share from the Apple iPhone and BlackBerry at Research In Motion. It meets the

New Software, New iPhone, New Steve? Liveblogging the Apple Extravaganza


In the pantheon of corporate hooplas, Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer’s Conference lies somewhere between the TV-network upfronts and a model-railroading convention. Every year since 1983, Apple has invited its software developers to preview the company’s upcoming technologies and get personal guidance from Apple engineers on how to navigate its code base. John G. Mabanglo But recently the

iPhone i9 - Which Cell Phone is Meant by This Phrase?


Sometimes I get a letter with a description of the phone under the name "iPhone I9. It is now quite obvious to me that the writer of this media by phone, but I'm not sure sometimes if they know we are describing is designed for your phone, which is technically not an iPhone, or Apple. In fact, I9, although a clone or lower, is dead ringer for the original and Chinese imports. It's made in a

Introducing Amazon Kindle For iPhone Applications


The recently released iPhone applications to turn Amazon has provided iPhone users with the opportunity to enjoy an excellent e-book reading experience for all e-book reader kindle models. He gave all iPhone owners a rare opportunity to enjoy more than 240,000 digital kindle format books from Amazon books from the library without the need to encourage readers to buy. What is more interesting than

Apple makes price cuts


Joining iPhone drops to $ 99, $ 300 cost portable slide SAN FRANCISCO - Apple Inc. to reduce the entry price for the iPhone in half, launched a laptop for $ 300 less than in previous models of Monday, the first dramatic change in prices and the economic recession began one years and a half ago.Apple unveiled a new model for the iPhone - 3G in S, - that look the same, but will be faster

Pandora Controls… Makes You Want to Use Pandora Again!


Pandora is a great app from the App Store. You can listen to music for free, but you can’t do anything else with your iPod Touch or iPhone at the same time. Pandora Controls solves this problem. All you have to do is open Pandora and set it to your favorite station and then press the home button. Now you can continue to listen to Pandora while you browse the rest of your iPhone. You can also

SBSettings Volume Media Controls!


If you are listening to music and want to change your song you have to unlock your device and then skip to the next song. Then when you come to another song that you want to skip you have to unlock your device again and skip to the next song. The SBSettings Volume MC solves this problem. SBSettings Volume MC lets you start the iPod, pause the iPod, skip to the next song, or go back to the

Next Generation iPhone Photos Leaked!


Yesterday, on a Chinese forum, photos of the “Next Generation iPhone” were posted. They were then, quickly removed. But, due to the size of the internet, the photos were preserved and posted all over the internet. The original thread was translated by Samac92. The pictures were blurry, like all leaked photos, but they are definitely clear enough to make out the user interface.

Get a Clue on Your iPhone!


Electronic Arts has released a version of Clue (the Classic Board Game) for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Below is the description from the developers. “Was it the vixen Scarlet in the Dining Room with a Candlestick or the charmer Green in the Kitchen with Poison? As an aspiring journalist, your assignment is to uncover clues to solve a mysterious murder of a millionaire!

New iPhone Casing, Could It Be True?


In February, the first images depicting the back casing of an unreleased iPhone began circulating around the Internet. The images showed a matte finish to the casing, but looked otherwise identical to the current iPhone enclosure. Recently-posted rumors now suggest that we could indeed see a matte casing for the next generation iPhone. A new image obtained is

iPhone OS 3.0 Release Date???


There has been a lot of talk about the new iPhone 3.0 firmware. Rumors are flying about new features and stunning new bug fixes. But no one really knows when it is coming out. Some say a month some say a year. Apple has not set an official release date but we may be one step closer to finding out that crucial day. Chris Johnston, an online blogger,i just made a post on his blog

iPhone 4 GPS Navigation Options and Review


Have you been deciding between using your new iPhone 4 as your sole navigation device and having an actual built or aftermarket GPS navigation unit? This article will go through the iPhone 4 GPS navigation applications and comment on the functionality of the device as a navigation unit.

As the iPhone 4 has evolved from its predacessors, Apple has continued to ingeniously add design features to the device that satisfy or complement the lifestyle of every person. The most recent addition, which was debuted in the iPhone 3GS and improved in the iPhone 4, is the addition of a GPS locator and compass. By synergistically using these two components, the iPhone 4 can give the most real life navigation scenario possible. The new iOS 4 update adds the remarkable feature of allowing an application to run in the background, which solidifies the true navigation ability.

The iPhone 4 has several applications that have been introduced which the user can run to have a GPS navigation interface. Among the many applications that do this, MapQuest 4 Mobile, GPS Drive, AT and T navigator and Navigation 3DX are some of the most downloaded apps that allow for this function.

While the feature is very nice, are several caveats to this functionality. In order for the maps to be updated continuously, the user must be within a data capable cell phone tower range. If you are tracking across the country and end up in some rural areas without coverage, your GPS still operates on downloaded coordinates (which is quite nice), but does not allow you to see the street names ahead. Your coordinates are also lost should you choose to re-route out of cell range.

The benifits of having such a function is the portability of your iPhone and the likelihood of having the device at all times. With most drivers remaining in the city, just using navigation to find a point of interest or destination address, this feature is hands down amazing.

As the iPhone continues to evolve to the needs of everyday life, the device becomes more and more of a necessity than a privledge. With the addition of GPS, there is now no reason for an iPhone user to be looking down at the MAPS feature while driving; there is now a sweet voice telling you every direction in advance.

iPhone and Tourism


An iPhone version of the geographic exploration software has just been released into the market. There is a noticeable difference on the interface. The handheld version of the familiar Google Earth geographical software which you can download from Windows and Mac by the way allows you to fly virtually of course around a 3D view of the world. It manages this feat with the aid of satellite and imagery from aerials mapped into mountains and valleys.

The iPhone version reproduces this conveniently, importing imagery from Google servers. Having the image of the earth on a mobile seems remotely impossible achievement which is exactly what Google has succeeded in doing. The whole experience started with keyhole which later metamorphosed into Google Earth 2001. This software is available for download. Available only at the Apple APP store for now, it should be available in other regions soon. When, no one knows yet. Free downloading is already available in twenty countries. It can be viewed in almost twenty languages supported by the iPhone. The application is quite impressive as the iPhone version displayed the features, performance and usability of Google Earth for windows, Mac osx and Linux when accessed using WiFi network connection.

Another interesting fact is that iPhones multitouch screen using the app was made easier to use than the PC version. You can share the views in all directions. An additional feature that is lovely is tilting it in different directions, this action is interpreted by Google Earth from data received from your iPhone accelerometer and it adjusts your view accordingly. So you can view the sky this is in addition with the iPhones ability to itself through GPS, WiFi Network and mobile phone towers. Out of curiosity one may wonder.

What then is Google Earth all about? It is more for exploring than for Navigation, although you can search for some addresses on it. There is no map view showing street names as on Google maps. The computer version of Google Earth does between many layers of information. How very practical. Watch out for small blue squares as these indicate geotagged phones of particular areas that are shown on Google's panorama site and W icons indicate links to geotagged Wikipedia

As you are cruising around foreign cities with varied means of transportation this iPhone app can show your changing location on a map. The Google Earth iPhone app has its own search service and will show results such as pizza restaurants. These are depicted as small red push pins with information such as a business's website and phone number. The good news is that unlike most iPhone applications, Google Earth can use a horizontally oriented touch screen keyboard too.

The iPhone's customised Google Earth contains Webkit-based browser which shows specific information. iPhone users can simply click on it. To get the address of a business and direction at the same time requires a trick. Click on an address is that this command will be taken in by the Google map and it will show directions at the same time. There is however nothing like a direct link to Google map.

Internet Products Are Changing How We Watch TV


Imagine paying $50 a month to get a few TV channels you want, amongst hundreds you don't, just to view a few programs that interest you; all at a set time you have no control over. This has become the norm for watching TV, but things are changing. There are various internet products which are challenging cable TV and how we view content. The methods may differ, but these internet products and services provide consumers with an alternative viewing experience.

Services like Google TV, Hulu (which just recent unveiled its Plus service), and Netflix on Demand allow consumers to choose from a wide selection of content options, to view online programs on every increasing larger TV screens, or go mobile with various mobile devices. They allow you to view content when it suits you and not have to rely on TV recordings. And with the case of Google TV you can take advantage of great interactive features and functions.

Hulu Plus, is a $10 per month plan which provides several options for on demand viewing. It has a larger selection of TV shows, mostly from its three corporate partners ABC, Fox and NBC. But it is no longer just recent TV shows and clips, you have whole series both past and present to choose from. This will not only be available on your computer. Gone are the days of trying to connect your computer to your Television. Hulu will have software running on Samsung TVs, a number of Blu-ray Players and soon gaming consoles such as PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. If you want Hulu to be mobile, it will appear via an app on iPhone and the iPad.

Netflix is another $10 per month streaming service which can be found on most new Blu-ray Players. It is just one of the many pay per view movie services that will allow you to stream HD new releases directly to your TV for a rental fee per showing. Others include Vudu, Blockbuster on Demand and Amazon Video on Demand. By streaming content directly to your TV with these services you are effectively removing your cable box from your home viewing experience.

And then there is Google TV. It is different from other internet TV services, in that it incorporates the whole of the Internet. Based on an open platform, the Google's Android operating System; Google TV devices will allow consumers to search the internet to find video, music and other related content. You will not be confined to just cable programming. It has a large set of interactive features such as Picture-in-Picture. Allowing you to look up statistics while watching the World Series, chat to other viewers from all over the world, or even to shop online.

Cable companies and Cable TV will not be disappearing anytime soon. They to are trying to evolve and adapt to the latest trends. Adding more content on their Web Sites and trying to bring TV content to different devices. Only time will tell if this strategy will work. But more and more people are saying goodbye to cable and relying totally on online services. According to an April report by Convergence Consulting Group, 800,000 U.S. households got rid of their Cable TV service. Many predict this number will rise even more in the coming years. Seems consumers want to view their shows without any constraints; not having to rely on schedules or a cable box in their Entertainment Theater. They want their shows on their phones, pads, gaming consoles, Blu-ray Players, and on demand.

How the iPhone 4 Beats Android


With the new Apple iPhone 4 and Google Android operating systems in close competition to win over the public, it can be confusing to know which is best at what. While it can often come down to individual user habits and preferences, mobile gadget gurus have tested the two rivals and made some interesting comparisons.

Both types of operating system have their strengths and weaknesses, plus depending on the testing criteria there are times where both reach a tie as equals. Since both companies are consistently releasing advancements and upgrades which allow for a host of exciting features to excite users, no-one definitively knows however which competitor will end up winning the race.

The following guide outlines the key areas that Apple's latest iPhone 4 star is said to outshine Google's Android wonder.

Fuss-free Navigation

Users report that it's easy to pick up any iPhone and quickly understand what's what without any fuss. iPhones have one main button at the front of the handset, which allows you to simply tap app icons from the home screen. Android devices in comparison have several buttons on the front of the device that perform a range of different functions and ways of doing things from the home screen, not to mention that this is further complicated by the fact that different Android model designs are released by a range of manufacturers.

Varied Data App Synchronisation

If you're an intensive user of applications such as Address Book, Outlook or iTunes, an iPhone will be your best bet for easy synchronisation with them. Android is great at seamlessly syncing with Google's servers, but not as happy to tie in with other popular sources of data.


If you're a hardcore gamer, you will certainly at this point choose the latest iPhone 4 over an Android mobile - while the Android gaming market is without a doubt steadily growing, Apple is currently still on top in this area.


iPhones come standard with the sound and trusted iPod app for their media player capabilities. In contrast, one of the regular complaints about Android is their default media player, which many users will want to find an alternative replacement for. Thus, if you use your mobile alot for music, the iPhone is at present still the winner.

Consistency of Releases and Updates

To make the most of your mobile phone, its operating system is crucial. Apple has raised the bar on this to give users the expectation of regular new feature updates even if it isn't the latest iPhone 4. The company releases one new phone and one major update each year, plus when an update is released it rolls out to every iPhone at the same time (there are exceptions such as for example the original iPhone won't upgrade to iOS4). Android in comparison runs on a wide range of different devices, with the result being that when Google releases a new update there's no telling when or if it's going to make its way to your particular phone.

Battery Longevity

Apple has shown that it has made convenient battery life a priority with its iPhones, particularly with the new iPhone 4 - in most cases it beats Android devices in this category. While Android lovers might say that this is an acceptable trade-off for the wealth of features and apps that Android phones can offer, if battery performance is crucial to you then the iPhone 4 is a reliable winner.


The above guide gives you the main ways in which your iPhone 4 is leading the race against Google's Android technology. The competition between the two operating systems is constantly in flux however, which is great for us as consumers since it keeps both companies on their toes and hungry to win the biggest share of the mobile marketplace by offering the most cutting edge features and improvements possible.

Apple iPhone Applications and The Way They Are Often Implemented


The following is perhaps the 7 hottest Apple iPhone apps.

1. Facebook: Facebook for iPhone can make it rather simple in order to remain connected and share facts through folks in this social networking internet site. Together with this application on your own iPhone, you may well do Facebook conversation, investigate friends' status posts, document your own status, add graphics etc.

2. TweetDeck: TweetDeck is actually a mobile browser intended for your iPhone that will help you to get in touch with exactly what is taking effect realtime upon Twitter.

3. Amazon Mobile: This particular Amazon Mobile application grants iPhone, iPod as well as iTouch subscribers to make purchases via Amazon when on the go. It is possible to examine goods, price tags, browse through critical reviews, shop and then acquire everything that you want by way of this straight forward looking interface. The particular purchases that you make by means of Amazon Mobile are routed through the secure servers of the web site.

4. Evernote: Evernote is certainly a must-have utility, as it acts as a well-performing reminder. You can note information from helpful hints to recordings and put these on Evernote and even synchronize this to your own Windows or perhaps Macintosh personal computer.

5. Google Earth: You will find really few people who are generally not fascinated by Google Earth. You may well set off to every part of the Earth and observe what precisely is taking effect there with the help of the aerial imagery and global satellite pictures offered by Google Earth. Download the app and have pleasure.

6. Google Mobile app: You could search Google by means of your own voice and locale. You can articulate your queries in several accents including British English, US English or Indian or Australian accents etc. It furthermore facilitates Japanese plus Chinese voice search.

7. Fring: This is also a must-have iPhone app; with the help of this specific award winning app you can easily have virtually all instant messaging chats over Google Talk, Yahoo, and additionally Twitter etc by way of one particular central profile; or alternatively you can utilize complimentary voice calls along with freely available video calls.

There happen to be in fact other sorts of Apple iPhone apps and a number may just be even more practical to your very own requirements. It is down to you at the end of the day which might be most beneficial for you.i

iPhone 4 Or Android? - Smartphone Superiority


Google and Apple have been releasing some amazing new technology in their new devices as they Battle to be the best smartphone in the market. Note that the iPhone was launched one year before the first android phone. Currently Apple has a head start with a 27% share on the smartphone market as appose to Android's nine percent share. Does that absolutely prove that Apple's iPhone are better than Google's android phones? Don't judge so fast.

iPhone 4 is currently exclusively sold by At&t, though this may change in the future. Apple is capable of generating a rave of fans that isn't seen with any other manufactures products. As a result people wait in long lines on launch day in hopes to be able to receive or preorder an iPhone. Apple generally has a solid core of loyal fans and users.

Goggle's Android powered phones are picking up pace in the smart phone market and are accelerating in sales growth quarter by quarter. Google's leverage is that they have more saturation of phones being manufactured by many different companies and have a presence in every major US carrier. A Perfect example is the Samsung Galaxy S which has a variation in four major US carriers plus in some European and Asian countries as well.

A new Android phone is launched every three to six months by different manufactures and with improved specification from their previous generations. This fast paced life cycle keeps Android ahead of the curve in technology and future upgrades.

Android has the potential to become the superior smartphone but iPhone market share is still big enough to stand ground. It has been un-officially announced that Verizon will carry the iPhone early next year. Because phone can get apps, including windows mobile, BlackBerry and some prepaid phones, both Apple and Google risk getting stale if they can't bring something brand new to the table in future generation devices. Google needs a game changer while Apple is tapping into a deeper well of potential customers. There is a need for more open source apps that are useful to daily life. Look into adding more fun by including some new hardware to use in connection with new apps. Maybe a heart rate sensor for joggers or a 3x optical zoom if it's at all possible.i

iPhone Applications That You Must Get


The iPhone application store is huge. People of my generation have seen it growing from nothing to a billion-dollar industry in relatively small duration of time. This list compiles some best-known iPhone applications developed so far:


This particular iPhone application keeps a track of distance covered while you walk, jog or run. A very useful app for fitness freaks, pedometer helps you achieve targets by counting the number of calories burned during a particular workout session. Highly appreciated by those who are conscious of keeping track of their daily fitness routine.


A London iPhone application development company rates it as a desirable tool for those who often dine outside. Tipper can easily calculate the tip amount according to the country, state or region you are at based on number of people attended, time of eating out, kind of service provided (good, bad or excellent) and the billed amount to give you a figure for the tip.


Though currency converter is now a standard mobile phone application but not many of them take into consideration the current currency trade value. This iPhone app takes into account over 95 currencies and is available in 20+ languages and is a great tool for people who have businesses spread across different regions and need a currency converter on their hands.


iDecode helps you to break down and 2D Code or Data Matrix from any ad in a newspaper or magazine and lets you know the price of your favourite dress instantly. It is a free-to-use application with over 2 million users worldwide.


TwitterVision was a featured application in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. This iPhone app shows random tweets as they get posted around the world and uses Google maps to show the origin of tweet in the most innovative way.

Chase Mobile:

A classic example of technology made to make everyday life easy, Chase Mobile lets you scan and click front and back side of a cheque and the amount gets credited into your account within two working days. An amazing piece of work from the industry known not to be much technology savvy.

Google Earth For the iPhone


You guessed it. Google's developers have been very busy, because they just released Google Earth for the iPhone. That remarkable program that we have all spent hours using, is just a touch away. This version of Google Earth is as ever bit impressive as the desktop application. You can view the Grand Canyon, Great Wall of China, Area 51... whatever you want.


The multi-touch interface makes this program very easy to use and navigate around. It has all the same wonderful satellite and aerial imagery as the desktop version. Leave it to Google to integrate the browser into this app which allows you to directly link to Wikipedia related articles and photos from Panoramio. Plus you can seamlessly jump from the browser back to Google Earth. It also can adjust to the terrain.


A setback with the tilt function built into Google Earth, is if you hand it to someone it will tilt and move the focus which is definitely a pain. On a positive note, you can turn the auto-tilt feature off under the settings option. Each time you start the program it will zoom in to the last place you looked at, which wastes unnecessary time. The current version does not have the ability to show street names. It looses functionality points with us on this part.


This is probably one of the better Apps we've seen in a while. It really shows of the processing power and graphic ability of the iPhone. Google Earth's iPhone App, is a definite winner in our book.

The iPhone 4 Offers Google Maps for Navigation and Onscreen Maps


The iPhone 4 offers Google Maps for navigation and onscreen maps with street view and intuitive searching. It also offers FaceTime for video calling other users and a stunning high resolution Retina display which is perfect for viewing HD video clips captured with its main 5 megapixel camera.

The phone includes the latest iOS 4 operating system which offers impressive multitasking functionality along with the ability to categorize your apps as you want with the new Folders feature. The HTC Desire HD also offers similar multitasking capabilities with its Android operating system, while both handsets provide 1 GHz of processing power to enable them to keep software running seamlessly and let you perform tasks such as writing emails while you listen to music on the iPod feature or the Music application on the HTC Desire HD respectively.

The iPhone includes two cameras, the front facing VGA camera for making video calls as well as being able to capture self portrait shots while the rear facing 5 megapixel camera is capable of recording video clips in High Definition and taking still shots too, as with the two camera on other handsets such as the HTC Desire HD respectively. The handset also allows you to instantly share your media with friends through its integrated apps, which can be downloaded via the App Store (which is preloaded), and is currently the largest application platform available, larger even than Android Market on the HTC Desire HD and other handsets.

The handset also offers impressive location based services through its integrated Assisted GPS antenna which allows it to provide Google Maps for directions, navigation and more onscreen, along with aiding the phones security features in the event that it is lost or stolen. Further, other third party apps, such as Facebook for social networking includes Places allowing you to instantly share your location with friends via the handset. These features are also available on other handsets, including the HTC Desire HD, as is the automatic Geotagging of photos and videos captured which allows you to organise your media base don location, and not simply date.

The iPhone 4 is a powerful and impressively designed handset which features both fantastic hardware combined with seamlessly working software, all built for each other. This allows the phone to use its full potential and preserve battery life despite using the A4 processor to power multiple apps at once. The cameras are also very impressive for capturing those special moments and more.

If Google Chrome Comes Along With iPhone


It is an impassionate question, is iPhone ready for Google Chrome? Will Apple cave on iPhone access while Google Chrome is going live for Mac? Google has finally launched its Chrome browser for Apple computers as a beta version.Till date iPhone is carrying Apple's own Safari.But in the age of mobile internet, iPhone should be a friendly place for other web browsers.

According to Internet users, this newly launched Google Chrome Browser is more popular just because of its high speed. The browser matters because it remains the key part of mobile application in terms of easy accessibility of communication. iPhone has been featured with lots of useful in-built applications. There are also wide ranges of third party applications that make iPhone more attractive among the enthusiast users,because Chrome on the Web matters less important than Chrome on the phone, in particular especially on the iPhone.

As Apple has its own approval process on iPhone, Google cannot be able to get its disruptive Google Voice iPhone application. Internet users use Google Voice to get free or nearly free local and long distance calls over the Internet connections using Google's telephone network. But iPhone users can access it through their handset. Apple has also yet to say whether it would allow Google Navigation on the iPhone. If Google Chrome comes along with iPhone, a large group of iPhone users might be interested in having it on handsets.

With Android coming on the scenario of mobile technology, its users become data hogs who are much more interested in viewing their handsets as mini computers. iPhone users also expecting such kind of application just like Android. If Google Chrome finally cracks iPhone, it would make a long chink in iPhone users.

Understanding the over growing demand in iPhone applications, Rapidsoft Technologies delivers high-end iPhone solutions. And users can easily get the full utility of up-to-date iPhone Applications. We provide this service to our clients with the use of top-rung technology.

iPhone 3GS Vs Google Nexus One


Google has just announced that they are indeed going to release their own smartphone (that's the hardware) running on the Google Android mobile OS (that's the software) and this comparison is to find out if it really is an "iPhone on steroids" as the Twitter feeds call it. Or more to the point - whether or not Apple and the iPhone 3GS should finally be quaking in its boots.

The Google Nexus One, as it's been dubbed, has an capacitative touchscreen occupying the better part of its face (a la' the iPhone) with a scroll ball beneath it (re: scroll ball vs. track pad, we say choice of multipurpose navigational control is kind of a personal preference).

One thing that makes the Nexus One so hot is that it comes GSM unlocked, which means that you are free to use it with whatever wireless carrier you choose. Now isn't that a long-overdue sigh of relief? Uh, hello Apple? We're waiting (tic-toc, tic-toc)...That said, the Nexus One is only a GSM phone. That means no HSDPA (if that matters to you).

Also unlike the iPhone, the Nexus One will have a changeable battery. That's one of those little things that goes a long way with consumers (and reviewers).

One feature both the Nexus One and the iPhone share is actually a lack of a feature - a physical QWERTY keyboard separate from its onscreen digital one - and not a plus for either device.

Where will Apple (and unfortunately, AT&T) get the real edge on Google here? Price point, sadly. We don't know yet what the Nexus One is going to cost, but we doubt it's going to be any less than the deals Apple & AT&T are running. Also, Google is far behind in the apps department, and while this is not a statement on the Nexus One itself, it is a major selling point for the iPhone whose slogan has become "there's an app for that". It is hard to top versatility and functionality like that without 100,000+ apps of your own (Google's got about 1/10th that).

So the bottom line for now is that it's too soon to tell whether the Gphone can should have the iPhone quaking in its boots, but the Droid sure should be.

Review Smartphones provides up to date information on today's hottest smartphones. Read our in depth smartphone reviews as well as stay updated on the latest news and rumors surrounding the best smartphones available today.

Which Mac are You?


Apple has given a lot of thought to the issue of what you need from a computer and why. The result is a range of Macs that covers every possibility. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a student, a businessperson, a multimedia professional, or someone who wants a fully-rounded computing and entertainment centre for home: there’s a Mac that provides exactly what you require.

Mac Pro

At the top of the Mac range is the Mac Pro. This is a customisable tower with Quad Core Intel Xeon processors that deliver astonishing speed and efficiency. When these processors combine with the remarkable memory, storage and graphics that Apple makes available, you have something close to the perfect computer.

In this sense, you can’t do better than a Mac Pro. The average user wouldn’t need to upgrade for years – and even then, Apple has designed the Mac Pro in such a way that extra memory, storage, and better graphics cards are easy to install. But the Mac Pro is a substantial, powerful machine, and the average user will only use a fraction of its capabilities. The Mac Pro’s appeal is mainly to those professionals who use computers for the most complex video, graphics and sound applications. At the level of sophisticated 3D image creation, there’s nothing to beat it.

Mac Mini

If you want an economical home computer that allows you to work imaginatively with music, films, photos, and the Internet, you should consider the Mac Mini.

Compared to the Mac Pro, the Mac Mini is tiny: 16.5 cm square by 5 cm tall (6.5 inches by 2 inches). Don’t be deceived by the modest size, however. The Mac Mini contains an Intel Core 2 Duo processor (either 1.83GHz or 2GHz); an 80GB or 120GB hard drive; a slot-loading Combo or SuperDrive; and built-in wireless connection. It also has features such as four USB 2.0 ports, a FireWire port, audio minijacks, and a DVI/VGA connection. All of this comes in a neat and stylish, anodised aluminium casing.

What you get with a Mac Mini, therefore, is a perfect opportunity to upgrade your home computer instantly. Simply plug your existing keyboard, monitor, mouse, printer and devices into the ports and you have the Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard operating system and iLife ’08 ready for use. You can even run the Mac Mini alongside your existing home computer.


If you prefer the freedom of a laptop but also want a great all-round computing experience, take a look at the MacBook. Apple has fused portability with power to create a machine that gives the majority of computer users everything they want.

As with the Mac Mini, Apple employs Intel Core 2 Duo processors, but with the MacBook these are either 2.1GHz or 2.4GHz. There are also options of 1GB or 2GB of memory, and 120GB, 160GB or 250GB of hard drive storage.

What’s more, you never grow tired of showing just how good the MacBook looks. It has a tough polycarbonate casing in white or black, and a glossy screen that never fails to impress. And with its AirPort Extreme 802.11n Wi-Fi, you can connect your MacBook to the Internet wherever you happen to be: in the office, at home, at school, or wherever Wi-Fi is available.

MacBook Air

If you’re looking for a laptop, you have to think about the MacBook Air as an option. Above all else, what the MacBook Air offers is uncompromising elegance. It weighs just 1.36 kg (3 pounds) and is 0.4 cm (1/6 inch) at its thinnest point and just 1.94 cm (3/4 inch) at its thickest.

Despite the weight and dimensions, you get a 13 inch screen; a 1.6GHz or 1.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor; 2GB of memory; an 80GB hard drive or 64GB solid state drive; and both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. In other words, you still have the functions of a great quality laptop.

MacBook Pro

It’s better to describe the remaining laptop in the Mac range, the MacBook Pro, as a portable desktop. This description reflects the power of a computer that is ideal for the professional on the move or for the laptop owner who simply wants the best.

The features of the MacBook Pro are stunning and include 15 or 17 inch LED backlit widescreen displays and a trackpad that uses many of the Multi-Touch aspects of the Apple iPhone. Other technical specs include 2.4 GHz or 2.5GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processors; 2GB of memory and up to 250 GB of hard drive capacity. A further feature worth noting for anyone who uses a laptop to demonstrate applications to business colleagues is the superb NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT graphics card. This shows creative and scientific work to its best advantage.

The reasonable weight of 2.45 kg (5.4 pounds) for the 15 inch model and the compact 2.59 cm (1 inch) depth of the aluminium shell further confirm that the MacBook Pro is the finest business laptop around.


You cannot accuse the MacBook Pro of being a standard laptop; similarly, Apple’s popular iMac is far from being a conventional desktop. The 20 inch and 24 inch screens display startlingly accurate images backed by ATI Radeon or NVIDIA graphics cards, and the hard drives, ranging from 250GB to 500GB, are sufficient to support most applications and to store plenty of documents, films, music and digital photos.

Other iMac features include the built-in iSight camera and microphone, which are great for chatting to family and friends around the world or to set up business video conferences. And thanks to Apple’s foresight, you can run Windows and all Microsoft applications such as Office 2008.

All this and more helps make the iMac an excellent all-rounder with configurations that cover almost every aspect of home and business use. What’s more, the iMac saves space: everything fits into the astonishingly compact area behind the screen. The iMac is truly a practical, versatile and fast machine for everyday use.

Identifying App Installations


In the Android group, from time to time we hear complaints from developers about problems they’re having coming up with reliable, stable, unique device identifiers. This worries us, because we think that tracking such identifiers isn’t a good idea, and that there are better ways to achieve developers’ goals.

Tracking Installations

It is very common, and perfectly reasonable, for a developer to want to track individual installations of their apps. It sounds plausible just to call TelephonyManager.getDeviceId() and use that value to identify the installation. There are problems with this: First, it doesn’t work reliably (see below). Second, when it does work, that value survives device wipes (“Factory resets”) and thus you could end up making a nasty mistake when one of your customers wipes their device and passes it on to another person.
To track installations, you could for example use a UUID as an identifier, and simply create a new one the first time an app runs after installation. Here is a sketch of a class named “Installation” with one static method context). You could imagine writing more installation-specific data into the INSTALLATION file.
public class Installation {
private static String sID = null;
private static final String INSTALLATION = "INSTALLATION";

public synchronized static String id(Context context) {
if (sID == null) {  
File installation = new File(context.getFilesDir(), INSTALLATION);
try {
if (!installation.exists())
sID = readInstallationFile(installation);
} catch (Exception e) {
throw new RuntimeException(e);
return sID;

private static String readInstallationFile(File installation) throws IOException {
RandomAccessFile f = new RandomAccessFile(installation, "r");
byte[] bytes = new byte[(int) f.length()];
return new String(bytes);

private static void writeInstallationFile(File installation) throws IOException {
FileOutputStream out = new FileOutputStream(installation);
String id = UUID.randomUUID().toString();

Identifying Devices

Suppose you feel that for the needs of your application, you need an actual hardware device identifier. This turns out to be a tricky problem.
In the past, when every Android device was a phone, things were simpler: TelephonyManager.getDeviceId() is required to return (depending on the network technology) the IMEI, MEID, or ESN of the phone, which is unique to that piece of hardware.
However, there are problems with this approach:
  • Non-phones: Wifi-only devices or music players that don’t have telephony hardware just don’t have this kind of unique identifier.
  • Persistence: On devices which do have this, it persists across device data wipes and factory resets. It’s not clear at all if, in this situation, your app should regard this as the same device.
  • Privilege:It requires READ_PHONE_STATE permission, which is irritating if you don’t otherwise use or need telephony.
  • Bugs: We have seen a few instances of production phones for which the implementation is buggy and returns garbage, for example zeros or asterisks.

Mac Address

It may be possible to retrieve a Mac address from a device’s WiFi or Bluetooth hardware. We do not recommend using this as a unique identifier. To start with, not all devices have WiFi. Also, if the WiFi is not turned on, the hardware may not report the Mac address.

Serial Number

Since Android 2.3 (“Gingerbread”) this is available via android.os.Build.SERIAL. Devices without telephony are required to report a unique device ID here; some phones may do so also.


More specifically, Settings.Secure.ANDROID_ID. This is a 64-bit quantity that is generated and stored when the device first boots. It is reset when the device is wiped.
ANDROID_ID seems a good choice for a unique device identifier. There are downsides: First, it is not 100% reliable on releases of Android prior to 2.2 (“Froyo”). Also, there has been at least one widely-observed bug in a popular handset from a major manufacturer, where every instance has the same ANDROID_ID.


For the vast majority of applications, the requirement is to identify a particular installation, not a physical device. Fortunately, doing so is straightforward.
There are many good reasons for avoiding the attempt to identify a particular device. For those who want to try, the best approach is probably the use of ANDROID_ID on anything reasonably modern, with some fallback heuristics for legacy devices.

Apple iPhone Soft Polycarbonate Slim Fit Case


Think about all the calls you about this beauty. How will the Internet, how will you use Maps Google, to help you find where it goes. Despite the fact that the iPhone is relatively new, there are some quality iPhone cases on the market. The choice ranges from hip to cool practicality.iPhone Soft Polycarbonate casePolycarbonate is the plastic resistance so that the temperature and the impact

Choosing the Best IPhone Cases


When buying iPhone cases, there are a number of criteria, you may think. Considering the various cases that can choose, you should be able to find one or more used for different purposes. As expected, you can easily choose the iPhone cases that are unique, like you.Protect your new iPhoneMost likely, your mobile phone in all types of winds, where it can be damaged. For example, you can put in

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I was sitting in the Hong Kong International Airport on its way to Australia for Christmas, and I simply log on to eBay, and I bought a new iPhone 3G 16GB $ 818us (including shipping), but not a lot of buying phone WHT, but does it even more nuts is that I have the equivalent of Nokia N95 8GB Nokia. I only used 1 gigabyte, and no even install the software or the Nokia Maps update the phone

Guiding You With iPhone Repair


IPhone DIY repair is becoming increasingly popular among owners of iPhone, thanks mainly to save time and money, which is crucial in modern culture. So far, iPhone repair or maintenance of any cell phone is rarely seen because of the cost and time, we have been "fixed", but the Internet revolution was the ability to acquire knowledge and parts, if necessary, repaired iPhone.So, we noted two main

TomTom to Produce Software and Hardware For Apple iPhone


The Wall Street Journal de hoy, 10 de junio de 2009, informa que TomTom se producen software de navegaciĆ³n y un kit de coche para el iPhone de Apple. The program will be available from the applications Apple iTunes Store. This statement caused a 17% increase in shares of TomTom. TomTom is a business based in the Netherlands. Al parecer, los inversores vieron esto como una oportunidad para TomTom

Your Need For iPhone Insurance


So users should take some security measures to stay away from these negative unexpected dangers. Within these security measures, one of the most valuable assets for all members is insurance. Can help a person reduce the harmful effects of the loss, theft or damage to your mobile phone.Apple in the iPhone, it is certainly not an exception. In the iPhone, the main trends in the market, is the most

iPhone - More Than Just a Mobile


When it comes to iPhone reviews, many have tended to focus on ease of navigation, and endless pleasure and / or useful applications, ranging from the monitoring of your spouse tuning guitar. This is a very good starting point. Since I bought mine, they have become increasingly aware iPhone can be used as a tool off the track, listening to songs and photographs - and no, I'm not talking about the

Top Tips For Buying iPhone Parts


Where the sources of the line iPhone There are several important factors to be considered, first, of course, is part of the iPhone you want, making sure to use website that stocks this part, as well as provide the necessary guarantees in terms of DOA warranty etc after the site itself, which we will discuss a little more detail, so you can easily obtain the iPhone parts and trust. We know that

Shazam Application on iPhone


Discover, share and buy music with a "Shazam" The application for your iPhone. Shazam, which offers great opportunities to do all this and more on your iPhone. This is not only easy, but it is very convenient for all music lovers. In the Shazam application you can get all the information related to music. Thus, you can find music to a new level.Shazam application is available on the App Store in

Configure Your iPhone to Receive Email,


This article explains how to configure the Apple iPhone 2.0 for e-mail your mail server. Receive e-mails, contacts, calendar entries, and from your mail server.Follow this simple step by step guide to setting up and receive e-mails, notes, contacts and calendars on the iPhone, version 2.0.There is some information you need on hand, such as your e-mail, username and e-mail account password. If no

Is the New iPhone 3GS Worth All the Hype?


Jun 19, 2009, Apple released a new version of iPhone. It seems that yesterday the iPhone 3G was released. I stayed with my original version using the "edge" network, because they do not want to pay $ 240 in addition to the price of the phone. I wonder how the estimated $ 240? When multiplied by an additional $ 10 you pay above the current rate of $ 20 per month for 24 months (2 year contract),

iPhone 3GS launch has app developers seeing gold


(CNN) -- Friday's launch of the iPhone 3GS could usher in an innovative and lucrative new era for those who create applications for the popular device, developers and industry observers say. The phone's upgraded hardware, combined with a new operating system, will allow developers to design apps that wouldn't have worked on previous models of the iPhone. For example, developers said, the iPhone

Insurance Coverage For Your iPhone


The fact that in the near future, iPhone is a breakthrough product that many other manufacturers copy. Very advanced than any other phone or handheld devices to communicate in the world. The latest technology means that iPhone is a fairly expensive item.And because they are expensive: * IPhone owners will be prudent in their possession of valuable * People who have no one to be jealous

How to Create iPhone Apps


Have you noticed that more and more people are carrying around the iPhone or iPod touch? These life-changing, have changed the way all living things! I can say, like walking the halls of my school, which very quickly becomes mandatory for those who want to make your life easier!The reason for the life changing, not because of your phone / iPod combination with a real reason for this is so great

Buying iPhone Spares Online


"The acquisition of spare parts for the iPhone on the network can be regarded as unreliable, no guarantees on the quality of their" - this statement is not true, as you now have the opportunity to buy the iPhone with great and quality assurance of the parties as guaranteed by the dead on arrival, as well as all spare parts and components have been tested by technicians before leaving the store.

Why to Design Website For Mobile Or iPhone Device


One of the gadgets from the current time, this mobile phone. The whole world can fit in the palm of the Internet from your mobile phone. As technology in mobile phones is improving with each passing day, it has become necessary to add new plants as well. Many people use the Internet on their mobile phones, but they have limitations. Mobile phones are much smaller than the screen and, therefore,

Apple iPhone 3G S Review


Apple iPhone 3G, finally here. In principle, the phone is very similar to the iPhone 3G standard. However, inside it looks. We can say that housing is the same furniture, but not different for the repair of the house to do better. Yes, this change in the interior but the outside remains the same.The most important thing you'll notice at the time of travel is speed. Now, you may be wondering why

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Maintaining the quality of your iPhone battery will save a lot of money in the long run, so I want to take a moment and offer some tips and guidelines for the care of the battery in the iPhone, and how it can improve battery life and so you can keep that cash in your pocket as long as possible.So, the first thing to mention caring for the iPhone battery a good charge cycle correctly iPhone

CECT KA08 Review - Look How Great This Mini iPhone Clone Is


I am beginning to see strong interest in a mini-clone of iPhone, including CECT KA08. People love the size of this phone, as well as a variety of colors for her. This is indeed a majority of all the functions of the most popular models on a small phone that easily fits in the palm of your hand. In this article I will go into the performance, functionality and price to this small clone iPhone

How To Setup Google Sync on your iPhone


Would you like the opportunity to sync contacts and calendars iPhone without connecting to the computer? You have to synchronize the phone with several computers to make sure that your contacts up to date on all machines. Of course we all know we have to do a data backup on a regular basis, but how often do we really?Our Friends at Google came up with a new service that will do all of these

IPhone access to your Exchange mailbox


With the launch of the iPhone 3G and iPhone 2.0 software will be able to access their email, calendar and contacts stored on your Exchange Server in the organization. This article describes the steps necessary to access e-mail account on your iPhone.ReferenceVersion of Exchange Server 2003 with Service Pack 2 or Exchange 2007A digital certificate is in fact an Exchange environmentiPhone running

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There is certainly a pleasure owner iPhone, because it is one of the most stylish and accomplished technique is now a smart phone. Since his arrival, iPhone applications have been developed to enhance the features of iPhone so that users can take advantage of. Anything and everything is working so much pleasure from the iPhone, including pictures. In the construction of cams on iPhone offers a

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I have a hand in the construction industry and related areas. I met with embarrassment over a year ago when I gave the advertising on the iPhone. I knew that there was no way I could afford to replace my new toy, if I have to break so I did a little research on the different types of cases that were available. Finally settled in the OtterBox Defender series case. It was a very good solution.My

iPod Downloads - What To Do Before You Download Another Song


Many websites offer for free IPod music downloads. So how is it? Well, There is a copy of the song can be downloaded from a technical, but I must point out that, firstly, that the law in most of these sites is highly questionable. If you have been visiting forums or reading news, there have been numerous complaints of copyright infringement when downloading from these illegal sites to download

Toshiba Announces Multimedia Smart Phone as TG01 iPhone Challenger


A slick looking Windows Mobile-based touchscreen phone, finally, it was officially announced Toshiba as the ultimate challenge for the iPhone, with a screen resolution of super strong high Qualcomm chipsets for mobile devices.With the growth of Mobile World Congress starts its execution on Monday, Toshiba confirms leak reports TG01 in the past few weeks.In TG01 will be equipped with a 800 by 480

Alcohol content in blood and iPhone


Picture this: you're with your friends. You have a great time. You drink. It is time to go home, and some of his friends are not sure whether it is good to drive. You even doubtful whether it is good to drive. You do not have pockets and support, which certainly will not call the police. How you choose to drive or hitch a ride?Well, if you have an iPhone in the IPod Touch, "is the statement that"

How to market an iPhone App


In the iPhone becomes the prime smart phone for mobile devices in the U.S. Most recently, she has added to its effectiveness as a 3G connection, and more battery life, so that even users of smartphones to date. For this reason, Apple iPhone market has increased. I found it incredibly difficult to avoid in the last commercial use of iPhone applications were held to find a restaurant in the food

Get Free iPhone Games


You download free Iphone games or pay for them? It seems that the owners Iphone world can be divided into two halves, the people who are free games as well as people who do not. That is, if you really search, you can find many sites to download Iphone things much cheaper than iTunes, if you know where to look ...No one can deny the popularity of Iphone is now a gadget-crazy world, if you want to

Make Long Distance and free Calls from Your iPhone


My cell is my main line of communication to keep connected to my family and friends. When you're on the road, sometimes you have to make calls, even if the person you are calling, very close to its local phone region. This may entail additional costs on their monthly phone plan.Have you ever noticed that most people do not keep in contact as much as before due to the fact that they do not want to