All About Monetizing Applications


The launch of smartphones has given a huge momentum to the development of numerous mobile applications. These downloadable applications perform various tasks relevant to the user. Monetizing applications generates revenue for advertisers and application developers, creating a win-win situation for both. Even consumers benefit from such applications and other value added services.

Ways Of Monetizing Applications Efficiently

Although there are several ways of monetizing applications, here are a few salient points which can be used to maximize the cash flow. These steps maybe used either separately or in combination.

Advertising: You can use your application to sell advertisement space. The best route is to get into an agreement with mobile advertising aggregators to receive advertisement feeds from them. The agreement is typically on a revenue sharing basis. Although the revenue generated from selling advertisement on your own is much higher than what you will receive from an advertising aggregator, aggregator feeds prove to be useful because of their additional ad inventory and reach. The latter option is also a less daunting task.
Alerts and Notifications: Mobiles are an immediate reaction platform, as seen from the popularity of SMS Calls to Action for events. We can capitalize on the ability to send timely reminders and time specific mobile offers for events and announcements to our application consumers.
Offer Feeds: We can set up an in-app category specific to offers and promotions as an ongoing feed, and effectively sell access to the in-app channel.
Selling Subscriptions: We can develop an ongoing cash flow, by selling time defined subscription for accessing our application.

Monetizing Applications Trends In Emerging Markets

According to a report by UK application retailer GetJar, Asia was the top market worldwide for the overall download share in 2009. Analysts predict that the mobile application economy will be worth about $17.5 billion by 2012. Most of this expected growth will come from users in emerging markets with less sophisticated handsets. Growth in emerging markets will depend more on productivity applications for consumers who do not have a fixed line internet service. Most customers in emerging markets still use prepaid cards, so the concept of paying for contents over the phone does not exist. Consumers here are more focused on productivity. While entertainment focused games can make money easily in the developed nations, retailers in emerging markets can do well by offering applications that are more productive.

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