How To Upgrade HTC Desire Operating System to Google Android 2.3


If you had an idea to upgrade your HTC Desire's operating system to Android 2.3, so you are so lucky now. Why you are so lucky? Because you will find out how it's done. However, this activity is not a quite legal since the official upgrade hasn't released yet.

Just get ready to be amazed by the work of customized Android 2.3 ROM on your HTC device.

First, you have to remember that your phone must be rooted before and you need to back up all of your data on your device since this rooting activity will wipe the entire of your data. After the phone has been rooted, download the GingerNinja v0.11 ROM to your computer (extracting the downloaded zip fie is not required).

Once the file has been downloaded to your computer, copy it to your phone's microSD by connecting it to the computer, copy and paste it to the memory card.

After the copy and paste stuff has done, the second step is restarting the phone by pressing and holding both the Power Button and the Volume Down button until the bootloader screen come up then boot it too Recovery mode. To boot into Recovery mode, use the volume buttons of your phone to scroll to 'Fastboot' and then select 'Recovery' from the next menu.

To proceed the installation, from SD card and select file that you copied to the root of the phone. You have to wait for a while since finishing the installation needs some time. Once the process is finished, reboot the phone and you will see your HTC Desire runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

As long as the device supports the ROM, this method will work for flashing any ROM to any Android device.


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